Despite being a victim of P.R.F.S. (Post Rock Fatigue Syndrome) for a while now (given that EVERYONE IN BRIGHTON is in a 'Post Rock' band), when I saw GIAA were playing down in a smelly old rock joint in town I knew it had to be attended. These three mostly-long-haired Irish lads seemed genuinely pleased for such a good turnout to their first Brighton gig, and were ever so polite. Not the usual moody cool types I'm used to. There was not a coiffured fringe nor a skinny jean in sight. Apart from the audience of course. They came complete with bass,guitar,drums,keyboard,obligatory bank of effects pedals and a wee little box of sounds with very special illuminated buttons. The 80 or so minute set was consistently a good combination of spacy mellow messed up guitar, slow paced melancholy noise and solid tight - sometimes shockingly rock - guitar riffage. It was obvious at the heavier moments that the lads love a bit of Pantera (even if you hadn't overheard them saying so at the bar). They are definitely way louder, punchier and more ROCK live than recorded though if you were ever wondering. Highlight of the night was the beautiful dreampoppy 'Fragile' accompanied by some transfixing visuals including grainy 60's footage of various animals being sent off to space and a small child making friends with a chimp. Perfecto. The evening came to an end with the tremendous 'Fireflies and Empty Skies'. Wonderful to drift off in a little warm fuzzy bubble and listen to the ethereal vocals. Then you look at the visuals and notice someone getting beaten to death by the riot police. Nice use of light and shade if you ask me.