The second someone/thing shoots the firing pistol on the apocalypse, this is what needs to play though emergency PA systems - screw government announcements. If there's one thing that 2012 taught us, it's that our dear leaders will do naff all anyway. Godspeed are the Armageddon's OST (not the film), catering for all eventualities - asteroids, viral pandemic, rapture, zombies, natural disasters... basically, anything from the mind of Roland Emmerich. The Canadian post-rock vets create the most genuinely terrifying piece of dramatic sound here: crammed with maudlin, blood-pumping guitar, with ever-so-gradually accelerating motifs, scraping violins, thunderclap percussion and the faintest vocals, 'The Sad Mafioso...' won't be a beacon of guiding light when the world's ending, but it'll be a perfect moment of audio-visual relations (silver lining, eh?). It kinda makes you wish for the end.

The Greatest Hangover Songs of All Time