Gold Panda and Simian Mobile Disco's Jas Shaw have combined as a new electronic duo called Selling - and their full album On Reflection is available to listen to on your preferred digital platform right now. It will see physical release on City Slang on December 14th.

Earlier this year Shaw was diagnosed with AL amyloidosis, which forced Simian Mobile Disco to cancel their touring plans. Nevertheless, Shaw has remained creative and his work with Gold Panda as Selling is testament to that fact. Since Shaw is still in chemo (reports are that he is faring well), there are no plans for Selling to tour, and as such the pair decided to get the album On Reflection out immediately - which is great news for all listeners.

The entirety of On Reflection is well worth investing in, as it ably combines the two producer's kaleidoscopic styles into an enigmatic whole. They've highlighted 'Keeping Txme' as the "lead single," and have put out a video for it, saying “It was the 15th or 16th track we made but it was the first track where we did it and it felt finished as soon as we were done. And then it was like, ‘this is good, let’s do more.”

Watch the video for 'Keeping Txme' below and check out the full album On Reflection via the Spotify stream beneath or on your preferred platform.