In the last couple of years Derwin Dicker has, as ever, been putting out plenty of music, but his most recently released studio efforts have been under different monikers from Selling to DJ Jenifa, but today he returns under his beloved Gold Panda nom de plume. He has shared a new standalone single called 'Transactional Relationship', which makes use of a sample of Hilary Woods' track 'Sever'. He explains the process:

“I made the track at home. I had a track nearly done and I’d bought the Hilary Woods LP after seeing her support Low at the Barbican and decided to give it a play during a tea break. There were bits that went really well with what I’d made so I decided to chop parts up in my mpc and layered them over my track, thus ruining Hilary’s song for evermore. I did a sort of “live take” and that was it.”

He always makes it sound like it's so easy when he's discussing his music, and even the sound of 'Transactional Relationship' seems very uncomplicated - but just thinking about the elements, how they're discovered, manipulated and combined, already makes the process seem overwhelming. Luckily Gold Panda is a veteran by this point, and 'Transactional Relationship' shows that he's still finding new sounds and inspirations to carve into replayably hypnotic beats.

Hopefully there'll be more news on new Gold Panda material soon, so make sure you follow him on Facebook and Twitter.