GoldieBlox's lawsuit with Beastie Boys ended up with the toy company paying $1 million to charity.

For those of you that haven't being following the story, GoldieBlox put together a parody video of Beastie Boys' 'Girls' last November, which ended up being taken down after 10 days following a complaint from legendary group (they don't allow their music to be used in adverts).

According to Hypebot, GoldieBlox have "agreed to make annual payments of 1% of its gross revenue, until the total payments reached $1 million, to a charitable organization chosen by the Beastie Boys and approved by GoldieBlox which supports 'science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics education for girls.'"

The settlement was supposed to be kept confidential, but thanks to Beastie Boys' current lawsuit with Monster Energy Drink, the information was revealed to aid the argument regarding "reasonable" licensing compensation.

Listen to the original version of 'Girls' below.

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