The intro to this song is one of the best things I've heard this week, those unreal, unearthly waves of sound grinding intergalactically, clattering sets of percussion clanking and clicking. Ya these are the sounds of GoldLink's latest track 'Planet Paradise'.

Produced by Louie Lastic, it's a fresh and spacey liquid flow that bristles with the sharp, smart beats of garage, jouncing with shadowy bass and snare cracks – it takes you along for a ride with its carnivalesque rhythm, founded on well-timed, body-shaking thumps.

Then of course there's GoldLink's rap. This guy spits bars like mercury, smooth and laid-back yet rapid-fire, with a silky voice that lilts with ultimate surety, suiting the fast-paced nature of the beat perfectly. If there was ever a Planet Paradise, here is its soundtrack.

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