Gonjasufi's 'Nickles & Dimes' has been used on Jay-Z's new album Magna Carter Holy Grail. The track is used to close the already platinum album and features the rapper rhyming effortlessly over its big, rippling beat - they lock into each other perfectly.

The original 'Nickles and Dimes' is taken from Gonjasufi's album MU.ZZ.LE, which was released last year. Listen below.

In other news, Gonjasufi has also announced that he'll be reissuing his first four albums under his 'Sumach' name (his actual name) - including the brilliant Dead Midget on Stilts. They'll be released on his A.I.R. label as limited edition cassettes.

He had this to say about it:

"Thanks to those who already know, who bought a cd off me back when I was selling these hand to hand. Your support got me here to where I’m at! And for those who didn’t know, in these recordings you’ll hear the same raw, crazy out-there lo-fi space dirt crunch of my Warp releases, and plus some of what a lot of you haven’t heard. Some just don’t know where I come from…these are my roots right here and some of my rawest work to date. I listen to this record and think, how the f*ck did I come up with this sh*t…"