Displeasure towards regressive/conservative leadership policies in 2017 doesn’t start and stop with Donald Trump. On ‘Fishing With a Shotgun’, Brisbane trio Good Boy have a few bones to pick with Pauline Hanson, senator from Queensland and founder/leader of the right-wing Pauline Hanson’s One Nation political party. She’s spoken of fearing Australia “being swamped by Asians” and has urged repeatedly to bar Muslim migration. The 405 is thrilled to premiere this track, which vocalist Rian King describes as “...a dig at the disgusting, spineless leaders that run our country, the dismal state of Australian politics and the gutless idiots too dumb and stupid to say or do anything,” along with its music video.

‘Fishing With a Shotgun’ is a tightly wound post-punk number, reminiscent of Parquet Courts, both with its nimble arrangement and King’s vocals, which deftly handle varied syllabic deliveries and tonal shifts like Andrew Savage, ranging from disbelief to outright contempt. He addresses Hanson and her scapegoating head-on: “Pauline, you’re on fire. Direct your blame.” Then, there’s the song’s video. Made by SPOD, the 3D-animated video is like the brain scan of a comatose nihilist. A grinning, shirtless, barefoot and balding man in cargo shorts struts around a void of coffee, outdated cell phones, blank discs, geometric shapes, and depictions of Hanson, being flushed down the toilet, draped with the LGBT pride flag, and her head in grotesque effigy. Also included are the song’s lyrics, rendered huge in a way our hero can’t escape no matter how hard he tries to ignore them. Whether or not you’re from Australia, this song will resonate with anyone who’s ever felt at a loss with those who are supposed to represent them.

Good Boy’s new EP, Shirk Life is out November 10, via Barely Dressed Records. They will be touring around Australia this December.

Good Boy tour dates:

Fri 8th Dec: Brighton Hotel
Sat 9th Dec: Mr Lonely
Thurs 14th Dec: Workers Club
Fri 15th Dec: Lansdowne
Sat 16th Dec: Crowbar
Fri 22nd Dec: Cats at Rocket Bar