Have you ever been at a festival in the middle of nowhere and you lose your friend in a sea of sweaty people? Your cellphone doesn't work because service is garbage so you go spend what seems like half a month's rent on festival food and beer to pass the time? Well, that will hopefully never happen to you again, as AT&T is proposing the use of drones to boost phone service in areas of high usage, like festivals.

AT&T are calling it Flying COWS (cell on wings) and they are looking into providing coverage that can be offering at large events or rapid disaster response situations. "Imagine you’re at a concert watching your favorite band, and out of the corner of your eye you notice a tethered drone hovering nearby," says AT&T. "But this drone isn't taking photos or videos of the band. It's temporarily providing enhanced LTE wireless coverage at the packed venue so you, along with thousands of others in attendance, can simultaneously send photos and videos to share the moment."