So yeah, that's that. Google Glass is finished. Why? Basically because it was too hard for Google to continue promoting a doomed product that still needed a load of development. There you are thinking that Google is this great infallible gamechanger and trendsetter, but really it's just as subject to error and overestimation as anything led by human minds. So it shouldn't really come as such a surprise to learn that sales of Google Glass to the public have been discontinued. Alas and alack!

"Why dat?" you ask. Because they are not happy with how it is at the moment and want to continue developing the product. Fine. Whatever. But what was presented to us as the be-all-and-end-all of wearable technology has essentially become a failure, which should lead you (or people, if you don't like being addressed directly) to question Google. They've brought out a prototype, asked a lot of celebrities and known people to wear them, put them up for sale for anybody to buy and use them, taken a lot of feedback then decided that the current iteration of Google Glass isn't up to scratch. Well, Google, maybe you're not up to scratch – ethically! Lol!

Because here you have to kind of question one major thing: usually people are selected via some sort of list for the beta or trial version of a product or software or whatever. They don't have to pay for it. However, here Google are, making people pay for what has thus far been one big fat trial product. Pay to be the first one ever to wear glasses that have Google in them! Marvel at the future! And people got conned and paid nearly £1000 for the privilege. They're Google, they're a big company with lots of clever people working for them. They profited on a mistake and they will continue to do so, probably.

So until we can just get a fucking chip injected into our brains that turn us into Google, or – God help us – Bing machines, until we are just walking search engines who don't need to use our senses or indeed common sense anymore, and forget that we are biological beings designed to experience every moment rather than taking pictures every 2 fucking seconds to document our lives like walking drones or walking along a permanent map screen because we forgot how to remember landmarks and navigate the streets where we live— until then, we'll have to settle for an incrementally less-botched pair of shitty glasses every few years.

OH – and don't forget they're incomprehensibly basic-looking and ugly – why didn't they look more like Geordi's visor in Star Trek: Next Generation? Yet even VOGUE [probably got paid or given free samples to] celebrate them. Everyone falls for it because advertising and because money and because why not. Lol again.

Something like this, on the other hand, where users can play the piano with eye movements whilst wearing a virtual reality headset, is a lot more interesting.

Even FKA Twigs promoted Glass – must've been a Good Product with Tons Of Promise, Right?