Ah, summer. How do you know when it begins and when it ends these days? As the years go by I'm finding more often than not that I'm getting my flip-flops out in early March before putting them away for a bit of a grizzly break between June and July, ultimately cracking them back out for some Indian summer fun from late August to mid-September. This eclectic weather (I refuse to get into a debate about global warming) is certainly something we music fans have had trouble – and pleasure – dealing with this 'summer'.

Most recently, we were blessed with glorious sunshine and scorching temperatures at Bestival on the Isle of Wight, and even managed to stay (pretty much) dry at this year's Reading and Leeds Festivals, substituting torrential downpours for k-ed up sixteen year olds and rogue swans. Electronic fans didn't have it so good, however, as this year's Creamfields was a total washout, resulting in the festival's closure before the last day of the event.

Not even a day into October though, and festival season has well and truly closed its doors as dark clouds loom over our towns and cities and our mums once again feel the need to tell us that they cant believe they're putting the heating on ("so should you!"). At The 405 though, we don't like to forget about the summer as quickly as much as the average mum does. To celebrate what was a definitive summer for festivals, we are all this week filling your tummies not with the winter fragrances of beef stew and dumplings, but many videos, photos and reviews of all our best musical coverage over the past few months. Think of it like popping down to your local corner shop in your tie-dye tee and cut-offs, and picking up a Cornetto, but in October. Sounds great, right?!

Head back on Wednesday for part two, which features our filmed coverage of Lounge on The Farm, and part three on Friday, which features our filmed coverage of Brainlove Festival.

Odonis Odonis / The Great Escape

Odonis Odonis @ The Great Escape 2012

The Great Escape

The Great Escape 2012

Regal Safari / The Great Escape

Regal Safari @ The Great Escape 2012

Grimes / The Great Escape

Grimes @ The Great Escape 2012

Three Trapped Tigers / Camden Crawl

Three Trapped Tigers @ Camden Crawl 2012

Echo Lake / Camden Crawl

Echo Lake @ Camden Crawl 2012

Veronica Falls / Camden Crawl

Veronica Falls @ Camden Crawl 2012

Niki and The Dove / Camden Crawl

Niki & The Dove @ Camden Crawl 2012

Camden Crawl

Camden Crawl 2012 - Barfly

The Futureheads / Camden Crawl

The Futureheads @ Camden Crawl 2012

Dirty Three

Dirty Tree

Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees

Make Up

Make Up

Retro Stefson / The Great Escape

Retro Stefson @ The Great Escape 2012 Retro Stefson @ The Great Escape 2012

The video content was recorded/edited by George and Louise Nindi.