I've never been one to really be sold based on a TV ad – maybe a lot of them are just really bad, or maybe they're just selling stuff that I'm not interested in anyway – but this one for Google Cast really made me want to try this out. It's such a cool idea!

So you can be on any site – as long as it's playing audio, all you'll have to do is click a little button and BOOM, it sends it to an internet-connected speaker nearby. In theory it'll be easy-peasy but reality may tell a different story. Everything's always very glossed-up in adverts so we shall see. I suppose it's basically doing for music/audio what Chromecast has been doing for streaming video content.

Ah. But no. Not any site, but only approved apps. You have to be listening to music through an app like Rdio, Pandora, NPR One, Google Play Music, amongst others. Notably, Spotify is missing from the list, but I'm so tired of controversy with Spotify that I won't even make a comment about it. It's not compatible – there. Done.

Oh and those speakers will need to be Google Cast-enabled, just as speakers for Apple's AirPlay need to be sort of 'approved' for that, too. Of course, by launching Cast, Google are pretty much gunning for AirPlay.

Still – I love the idea. Watch the ad below.

In other news: Here's our Definitive Review of Chromecast from last year. What do you think?