With recent efforts in the filtering out of illegal downloading links and files in search results proving effective, in the on-going war against piracy and illegal free mp3s, google are making the move onto the targeting of Youtube conversion sites.

These beings websites where the public can enter in a youtube url, which the site then rips the audio from and coverts the video into a downloadable mp3. This may well prove a popular move by google in the eyes of the record companies and promoters who are missing out on sales of youtube-previewed artist material due to people converting the audio instead of waiting for an official release.

YouTube-Mp3.org is their most wanted, being the most widely used of these services averaging 1.3 million users every day. Accusations have been thrown at the site for using and abusing Youtube’s API, in that they have breached the guideline by being a site that "[separates, isolates, or modifies] the audio or video components" and provides a download option. If YouTube-Mp3.org is to be believed, they don’t use Youtube’s API, but it’s likely that more revelations about the site and others like it should surface soon following this crack down as Google have blocked the sites servers from interacting with Youtube in any way for the time being.