Since an embarrassing report by the UK government in which Google was roundly slammed for is "ineffective" and "flimsy" anti-piracy efforts, 5.9 million take-down requests were filed against 'pirate' links in the last week of September.

As reported in The Guardian, this easily equals more than eight take-down requests filed every second, most of which were from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) who sent in 5.7 million of the total number of requests.

Just 12 months ago, Google only recieved 1.2 million take-down requests, showing one of two things to be true - either the number of illegal file-sharing sites being linked to has risen dramatically, or take-down requests are becoming easier to send to the website.

Whatever the reason, if illegal file sharing continues more research will need to be done to monitor its effect on the music industry, as experts are still unsure. A new report from the London School of Economics has shown that file sharing can benefit the music industry, while at the same time, strict punishments for music piracy offences in Korea and Japan also seem to be showing benefits. [via FACT]