So long, MetroLyrics.

Farewell, AZLyrics.

Goodbye, LyricsFreak.

Adios, LetsSingIt.

Seeya, Lyrics007.


Sayonara, Lyrics Planet.

And au revoir to all the other lesser-known lyrics sites floating around the internet, because Google have announced their inaugural sally out into the world of lyrics. They're not setting up a site, gosh no (well, unless you count Google Play), they'll just be displaying lyrics ahead of any search results (see image above; like that), meaning that any lyric site, whether or not it's dedicated years to climbing up to the number one spot on Google, will now basically become defunct.

Because there's only one version of the correct lyrics, and Google will publish them. People won't need "lyrics communities" anymore, they won't need forums to argue about what words were actually sung in such-and-such a line in so-and-so's song. Nope.

Monopolisation is kind of illegal in the real world, so… why is it ok for Google to do it on the internet?

Speaking of Google… We had a go with a pair of Google Glass…es…(?) back in May.