Australian musician Sophie Payten, aka Gordi, has announced she'll be releasing her debut album this summer; Reservoir was recorded in Wisconsin, Los Angeles, New York, Reykjavik, and Sydney, and is due out on August 25th via Jagjaguwar.

The album was written by Gordi and co-produced with Ali Chant (Perfume Genius/PJ Harvey), Alex Somers (Sigur Rós), and Tim Anderson (Solange/Banks): "The name Reservoir, it's that thing that you can't describe, that space that anxious people would probably live their life in," she explains in a press release. "It's actually an expression my friend and I use. If I'm really down one day, I’ll say, ‘Oh I'm a bit in the reservoir today’. You're mulling everything over, and you're sitting in all these thoughts and feelings. In order to be able to write a song I need to go to that place, but I couldn't live a functional life if I spent all my time in there."

Gordi has also shared a new single, 'Heaven I Know', which you can stream below: