Art Is Hard records have been endlessly hurling out hazy EP’s and singles, creating an epidemic of 4-track owning, marijuana smoking youths in the South of England. They’ve made southern music obsessives eager for every new release, generating a mob of drooling teenagers whose ears prick up at the slightest sound of distortion.

Amongst the mist of smoke and nebulous resonance comes Plymouth’s Gorgeous Bully. Abandoning their hometown’s barely-existent music scene, the band has previously delivered 3 self-released EP’s. Gradually gaining reputation in the pandemonium of buzz with every release, they’ve finally conformed to the demeanour of Art Is Hard Records, consequentially releasing their fourth EP The Young Obese with the label.

The opening track ‘Never Cry’ introduces you to Thomas Crang’s charming vocals, inhabiting a (literally) unforgettable romantic melody that’s rom-com soundtrack worthy. Though don’t get swept away by Thom’s allure as it will soon be disrupted by ‘Who Do You Think You Are’s abrasive manner and ‘Adjusting to Change’s underlying rock ‘n’ roll tones, ultimately assisting the comparison with fellow Southwest Art Is Hard chums The Black Tambourines.

The EP’s physical release is presented as a cassette packaged in an innovative case made from a handprinted cigarette packet. The cassette also features a limited and exclusive ‘b-side’ of unreleased Gorgeous Bully Tracks, perfectly designed to keep Art Is Hard fans satisfied. ‘