101 reasons to heart NY Central Park The people watching Babycakes (vegan cupcakes galore) View of Manhattan from Brooklyn Constant gallery openings Oreos vegan cheesecake The NY streets The Arm Williamsburg The 'L' trainUrban Rustic (YUM!!) Espresso on ice In god we trust (Cool clothing etc..) Beacon's Closet (Vintage clothing) McCarren Pool A different band playing every night The subway The 'cost' of the subway The Studio (rehearsal space) The style of the apartments Coney Island Battery Park, city waterfront World Trade Center site The Brooklyn Bridge NY Public Library Rockerfeller Centre Kiel Mead (and anywhere that sells his stuff) Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers Being able to call the council and get a tree planted in front of your house Brazilian Girls Times Square Cinders Gallery (Williamsburg) Pistol pendants (can be found at Cinders gallery) Angelica Kitchen (Vegan meals) Walking the Williamsburg Bridge into town Japanther shows on a boat that circle the East River Amazing Graffiti (too many great places to mention one) The Whole Foods Market (Union Square) Playing the building (Art installation by David Byrne) Wu-tang Clan Blondie Larry David The Seinfeld restaurant Catching random fashion photo shoots Mandate of Heaven (High end vintage fashion) Beau Velasco The (what feels like) millions of Farmers' Markets The Abbey (dirty local pub) Endless Summer taco van $3.00 Falafels (N7th Williamsburg) Being able to get Oreos from pretty much anywhere The beautiful wide sidewalks Old trees that line a lot of streets Streetside fruit stalls Brooklyn Lager 2nd-hand Chanel NY Yankees Marc Jacobs store Catbird (cute girls' clothing and accessories) Terminal 5 (live venue) Not needing a car The breakdancing kids on the subway The random strangers helping you get around Sunac grocery stores Rooftop terraces Movie night at McCarren Park Watching the rain from a cafe on Bedford Ave The kids playing on Marcy playground Paper Magazine Andy Warhol MoMA Chinatown Incense man, on a bike (Fort Greene) Movies at Brooklyn Academy of Music Watching Sunday afternoon baseball games All the waitresses that could pass for models.. Old shop signage Free summer-time concerts The NYC dress sense Being able to buy sushi in corner stores Joey Ramone Place The street grid system, you can't get lost!! Harlem, this is the first place we got dropped at in NY and we fell in love with it too.. Being a bus ride away from Baltimore Henry the Dalmatian (at The Arm Letterpress) Artists and Fleas market (weekends, n 6th, Williamsburg) 'Penny Licks' vegan ice-cream & dessert store The sea of yellow cabs in Manhattan 1,000 dogs out meeting other dogs.. The people you meet whilst walking your/someone else's dog The amazing alleyways Madison Square Garden Cats sunbaking in windows Book launches with Thurston Moore Walking around in the summer time holding hands with your love Little hipsters.. that made me feel old but still made me smile Zam Zam cornerstore (n 7th, Williamsburg) It's owned by these two funny guys who sell a lot of warm beer and make funny conversations. DIY skate parks under the BQE Showpaper (gig guide) Buffalo Cantina's suicide sauce New Yorkers... Click here to download Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla the Girl's New York Mixtape. Tracklisting 01. Critical by Japanther 02. Bump by Spank Rock 03. This Magic Moment by Lou Reed 04. The Sweets by Yeah Yeah Yeahs 05. That Time by Regina Spektor 06. Got Your Money by Ol' Dirty Bastard 07. Set The Grass On Fire by Elysian Fields 08. Egg Raid On Mojo by The Beastie Boys 09. L.E.S Artistes by Santogold 10. Blood Milk and Sky by White Zombie. Visit Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla The Girl on Myspace