The last we heard from Gorillaz came like, a year ago, in the form of unreleased Plastic Beach reject, 'Whirlwind'. It's been pretty quiet since then. In fact, between the virtual band's 2011 album The Fall and now there has been talk of albums, of revulsion, of dissolution… it's been a mystery.

Anyway, whilst talking with an Australian newspaper (The Sydney Morning Herald) about his debut solo album, Everyday Robots, Damon Albarn revealed that the band is "in the process of reactivating" for a new album, which would probably see the light of day in 2016.

Though already half-planned, as he mentioned to NME earlier this year, it seems more like a solid confirmation this time around.

Until that day, enjoy the extended, uncensored version of the André 3000 and James Murphy collaboration with Gorillaz, 'DoYaThing'. Not literally until that day though – I know it's long but it's not that long, yo.