Graham Van Pelt, the artist behind Miracle Fortress and Think About Life, is putting out his first LP under his own name later this month when Time Travel drops on Oct. 19 via Arbutus. Ahead of that release, Van Pelt is sharing 'Mountainside,' a touching and stirring piece of minimalist electronica. He was also kind enough to answer a few questions about his new single, his new album and what has changed since we last heard from him.

What are you inspirations behind your new single 'Mountainside'?

Musically speaking, 'Mountainside' was inspired by my love of the Beverly Glenn Copeland and Lewis records. It grew out of a simple arpeggiation I was noodling over very early in the morning one day, and I tried to hold on to a sunrise kind of emotional space throughout. I wrote the lyric with the intention of having it work both as a kind of end-of-party requiem and as an expression of the feelings that I had about leaving a city where I had spent the most fulfilling decade of my life up to that point.

Your new record is quite a different departure from other aliases. Why is that and why did you decide to record under your real name?

Changing names has always been a way for musicians to break out of certain habits and styles that begin to feel definitive and limiting. For me, recording under my own name is a shift away from previous projects where I was shy and obscure at times, something I'm not so interested in anymore. I feel that if I'm going to continue, with singing especially, I want to be direct and proud about who I am, and not try to hide behind too many style choices or aesthetic tricks. Most of the projects I have done in the past have been quite different from each other, and I expect that will continue. It's easier for me to think about working like that under my own name, more like a composer than like a band whose fans expect a consistent type of sound.

How has the Montreal scene changed over the past 5 years since your new project. And did your move to Toronto have a different affect on your new LP?

The scene in Montreal changes constantly, but there's always a through-line of adventurousness and a disinterest in commerciality for which keeps the vibe consistently positive. I think the dance music community has really blossomed in recent times, thanks to the work of a lot of great promoters and the availability of nice venues both above and underground.

Why is this record a return to your love of dance music and house music specifically?

I've always made dance tracks as a hobby but didn't really start thinking seriously about making dance music until I moved to Toronto and started hanging around more DJ types who introduced me to really exciting music. I also went through a phase where I really didn't want to sing, and started doing a deep techno live PA as a way to make something impactful and intense without doing vocals. My love of singing returned eventually, and I had really mostly been listening to jazz and to dance music during the interim... it made more sense to start singing on dance tracks than to become a jazz singer :)

What will your live show look like now and what can we expect on tour?

Right now my live show is a bit like a live PA with a microphone. I'm trying to find new and better ways of making it more and more fluid and dance friendly even though I'm also singing pop songs at times. I try to push the subwoofers and get as deep as possible, hoping to emulate my favourite DJs as much as I can while still having the music happening in real-time. I think what I do live can build a nice bridge between a concert vibe and a party vibe.

Thanks so much for your time!

Thank you!

Graham Van Pelt's Time Travel is due out on Oct. 19 via Arbutus. You can pre-order it here.