Grand Pax is a songwriter working from her North London bedroom, who has recently signed to Blue Flowers, the label of musical mavens who have recently brought us music from hot new up-and-comers like Nilüfer Yanya and Westerman. This fact alone hints at plenty of potential from the pop newcomer, and her debut single 'Comet' seals this hunch.

'Comet' is built atop a quietly skittering drum pattern and generously gentle washes of guitar, resulting in a gorgeously dreamy mesh of sound. Grand Pax enters the space with grace and aplomb, skipping between her more natural lower register and a more affected and beautifully tense higher register to punctuate the important moments in this ode of devotion. 'Comet' was recorded at her home studio, and is a song with a bedroom pop heart, but stadium sized ambitions. Judging from this auspicious start, Grand Pax will clearly be leaping towards bigger stages as she moves forward with her career. Check it out below.

Grand Pax's debut EP will be coming out later in the year. For more info on that, keep up to date with her on Twitter and Instagram.