Grand Pax recently put out the emphatic 'Bunk', and today returns with the flip-side of the single 'Lapse'. It finds the North London songwriter in a compromised position, her head full of desire. She talks further about its genesis:

“‘Lapse’ is an admission for me, an acceptance of an instinct, I found whilst being less careful... It’s rooted in a cloudy recollection of encounters with someone I wanted in a real way. It’s slurry and it’s vague but it’s basically saying, fuck waiting, I want you now. For me ‘Lapse’ is the clarity I found after the adrenaline moves through you. Like old film, an image or when an idea becomes clear. I knew exactly what I wanted for one second and that doesn’t happen often."

Grand Pax has teamed with producer Josh Crocker to masterful results on 'Lapse', with a deep low end and stuttering percussion immediately putting forward the hesitantly flirtatious atmosphere. Her voice is shy in its delivery but not uncertain in its desire, where she openly admits "I could feel you in my chest and I could taste you in my mouth." Around this she builds a woozy atmosphere, with layers of synths and amorphous vocal loops, which run alongside her main vocal like visions plucked straight from the x-rated fantasy of her mind. By the time she gets to the imploring "come on," there's not really any other option left but to give in.