There's no wonder why they should want to follow up what's was the fastest selling entertainment product EVARRR with a bunch of exclusive, limited edition, VERY RARE, deluxe, ballers-only MERCH. Merchandise. Peripheral products to tempt you. Tempt is a weird word.

Sorry mate, didn't quite catch that, fastest-selling entertainment product? Yes, that's GTAV or for those of you who like actual words, Grand Theft Auto V. First 3 days of sales surpassed $1-actual-billion. Now that's a lot of dollars.

Anyway, ever since the first ever GTA we've really enjoyed the range of music on offer thanks to radio stations in the cars you jack/acquire throughout the game. As the game itself has grown more sophisticated, so has the game's music and the way you consume it, its radio stations. Flying Lotus got FlyLo FM, a radio station with music curated by the man himself, for GTAV. This also featured original tracks. Everyone's like, oh yeah that's happened, but on the other hand is it not a bit mental (in a good way)? I think so. It's very cool.

They're releasing a special limited luxury edition CD box set featuring 59 original songs from the game, including stuff from Wavves, A$AP Rocky, Yeasayer and Tyler, The Creator, amongst many others (oh, and also the original score composed by Tangerine Dream). This will be released on 9th December so stick it on your Christmas list probably.

Before then, a reissue of the game will feature an extra half-hour of music on FlyLo FM. This is out 18th November (PS4 and Xbox One; 27th January for PC).

Check out one of Tangerine Dream's wonderfully expansive compositions for the game.