Channel 4 have announced details of a special, one-off live 6-hour show entitled 'House Party'.

6 DJs including Grandmaster Flash and Annie Mac will take part in the 'no adverts, no studio audience and no interruptions' show, which is set to take place on Friday 24th August at Midnight.

"There are four things about this all-nighter that excite me. Firstly, almost every element is uncharted territory: from the visual artists having to transform our screens by responding live to the DJs; to the scale of the real time on-screen and online interactivity; to the DJs having to reach directly into our living rooms rather than playing to a venue. If we can pull it off, we will have created a pretty unique experience. Perhaps the most radically innovative element of the night is that, in direct contrast to the new on-demand TV landscape, 'House Party' is a genuine one off. It will not be repeated and it will not be available on 4oD. Like all the best club nights and parties if you want to be there you do have to actually turn up. Don’t miss the 'House Party'…"Arts Commissioner Tabitha Jackson