Gravenhurst have announced a couple of new live UK dates for April and May of this year. The first show will take place at Saint Pancras Old Church on April 25th (solo-show), and the second show will take place on May 22nd at The Lexington with a new full band line-up.

The shows come in support of their new album, The Ghost In Daylight, which is released on April 30th through Warp Records.

Not only that but the Ultraskull comic is back! Read this awesome explanation of its return:

Ultraskull is back online! We were forced to take it down due to legal action which has now been settled out of court. Basically e said we dun it, but we din do it, and we aint dun nuffink, but e says it like its like we ave done it, and makes out like we ave and makes it sound like we ave, and now everyone finks we ave, and slisiter says we ave to say we dun it when we aint done it just cos it looks like we ave!, and cos in court they will make it look like we totally ave and its not fair. You can read it at the new address here