Derbyshire based composer and filmmaker James Machin releases music under the moniker Grawl!x, and if you haven't heard his work before, you should prepare yourself to be swept up into a whole wondrous world of colour and feeling. In his previous two albums he has covered the deep topic of grief, and that all comes to a grand conclusion on his third, Appendix, coming out 6th April - which is the lightest, most ambitious and life-affirming of his works to date.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering 'Appendix B', one of the core songs in the collection, giving us the full sonic range that Machin uses as Grawl!x. From his home behind the piano, stately and emotive as ever, he is embalmed in further layers of delicate instrumentation featuring strings arranged by film composer Richard J Birkin and with contributions from Haiku Salut. With his fluttering electronics and sweet falsetto guiding the way, Grawl!x takes us on a voyage to inner-strength and beautiful acceptance on 'Appendix B'.

Machin says: "Lyrically, it contrasts the metaphor of a walking through a tunnel with that of light & dark; exploring preconceptions regarding the afterlife. (or potentially a lack thereof!). The songs themes & are relative to the albums overall recurring theme of mortality & our how one processes that concept. The string arrangement was composed by Richard J Birkin, who is rate good."

Listen to 'Appendix B' below.

Appendix comes out on April 6th via Reckless Yes and can be pre-ordered from Grawl!x's Bandcamp. You can also follow Grawl!x on Facebook.