Well, here's a surprise: Complete Music Update has reported that a Beastie Boys musical will be opening in London next month.

Titled Licensed to Ill (perfect), the show will run at Camden People's Theatre, and will follow Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA through the story of the Beastie Boys and, therefore, a history and growth of hip hop itself, alongside which the trio's own rise naturally fits.

Created by artistic director Simon Maeder and Adam El Hagar, with musical comedy duo Abandonman and Rubberbandits, the musical's blurb touts that it will offer "a new style of theatre that mixes rapping, DJing, physical comedy and even puppetry to create the eclectic, hilarious style that a show about the Beasties deserves."

I hope they got the license to do this, aside from just a license to ill; remember when Beastie Boys sued Monster Energy for using their music without permission?

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