Independent Venue Week isn't over yet and we're urging you to get amongst it. With 92 venues taking part all over the UK, it's your chance to both support and celebrate the places that allow you to experience the thrills of live music.

Tomorrow (Friday, Jan 30th), we're putting on a show at the wonderful Shacklewell Arms. Headlining the night will be Great Ytene and their beautiful psych vibes, while support comes from the addictive fuzzy-pop outfit Family. I had a quick chat with Great Ytene's bassist Jorge Stride about the importance of Independent Venue Week.

"Small venues provide a platform for smaller emerging acts to showcase themselves which is really important. You also tend to find that a close sense of community spirit amongst musicians, artists and music lovers thrives within these smaller venues."

The closure of various independent venues throughout the UK in recent months has highlighted the importance of why we need to support smaller venues. Whether it be signing a petition about noise complaints, or just getting your arse down to the venue on a Tuesday night, people have the power to keep these places alive.

Stride summed it all up pretty neatly, "All of us in Great Ytene have been in bands previously that wouldn't have had the chance to play to other people or tour the country if it wasn't for small independent venues. Without them you lose the opportunity for new bands to be heard and develop, for diverse and challenging acts to perform and a place for people to get sweaty face to face with some of their favourite bands."

If you haven't already been to one of the many gigs happening this week for Independent Venue Week, then come say hi at the Shacklewell tomorrow. It's going to be a load of fun and it's completely free. But don't stop there. In 2015, make an effort to get out there and see more bands in the flesh. Get out of the house, get down early to see the support slot and if you enjoy it, hell, maybe even buy some merch.

There's loads more shows happening for the remainder of Independent Venue Week which you can find listed here.