On Saturday, June 16th, the famous Green Man Boat Party returns with live music and good times on the River Thames. There will be extraordinary musical sets from Three Trapped Tigers, Field Music and Tom Williams & The Boat along with a collection of top DJs. There's also going to be a lot of kegs of cider, which shouldn't hurt anything.

Here's some information about the bands that'll be along for the adventure. Starting off, Field Music is based out of Sunderland and their album "Plumb" is an early contender for the most enjoyable pop album of 2012. Three Trapped Tigers is a noise band that's reminiscent of Lightning Bolt, Squarepusher and also, Mirrored era Battles. Last but not least, there's Tom Williams & The Boat, a six-piece "anti-folk" band with whose new album Teenage Blood was released earlier this month. How they'll fit Tom Williams and his boat on top of the boat itself is something you'll just have to see!

Tickets are £25.00 (A £1.50 booking fee will be needed as well) and you can get them from here.

In related news, this spring Green Man will take to the streets of Britain with a nationwide Treasure Hunt that's based on the 1,500 year old board game, Wood Sense.

Wood Sense is a game that's somewhere in between the classic games of draughts and Chess. It's a game with a lot of history, even King Arthur played it once and Green Man wants you to be like a king and live it up like one if you win too!

An assortment of Green Man 2012 tickets have been hidden away in secret boxes in Cardiff, Brighton, Manchester, London & Leeds and to get these valued tickets, you'll have to have your wits about you and maybe a little luck!

In participating record shops, venues, cafes & bars, there will be an opportunity to play games of Wood Sense to gain access to a special riddle & a map that'll lead you to a very important locked box. You'll need to find the eight Green Men that are hidden around the city, these Green Men hold the clues that'll open the aforementioned box. Be warned, the Green Men come in all sizes, shapes and they'll be growing bigger by the day.

For more information, head to woodsense.net or to find out when the Treasure Hunt is coming to your town, follow @Wood_Sense on Twitter. There will also be a Wood Sense tournament from August 17th to the 19th at Green Man 2012, as well.