With Autmn apon us, Green Man Festival 2010 is but a twinkle in most peoples memories, but for us it still a highlight of a season passed and one we wont forget until the gates are reopened for 2011. To celebrate our undying love of the festival, we decided to piece together a video of our time there. At least an hour and a half of footage was shot on a £100 camera but it has taken us until now to put together this seven minute time capsule. Much like the Leonard Cohen film that opened the festival, the footage got lost/curropted and our edit suite pretty much decided what footage it wanted in the film (no joke). Either way, we hope you enjoy our massively edited video. Make sure you watch it in HD though. It's prettier that way. Tracklisting 1. 'The Bunker' by Beirut 2. 'The Drying Of The Lawns' by The Tallest Man On Earth 3. Remember Last Time by Avi Buffalo http://www.greenman.net/