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With only a few days to go until she plays Green Man Festival, we asked Welsh singer-songwriter Georgia Ruth a couple of questions about her upcoming performance at the festival.

Why should people come and see you at Green Man?

If only to answer the eternal question "isn't that the same harp Patti Smith's harpist was playing at Green Man last year?" (Same model..) We'll be playing songs from my debut album Week of Pines and some brand new ones from the embryonic difficult-second-album - it's going to be a lot of fun!

Do you approach festival sets differently to ordinary shows?

I think so. There's a far greater chance that people won't have heard my music at festivals, so there's an element of persuasion involved. I really love them though, and Green Man has been my favourite since I was 17.

If you were given the keys to Green Man, who would you ask to headline and why?

I'd love to see Cat Power headline Green Man - she'd be perfect. Arthur Russell would have been great at Glan Usk too.

Who will you be looking to check out at this year's Green Man?

Going to be at the front for Mac DeMarco, Sen Segur, The War on Drugs and Angel Olsen.

Lastly, would you rather lose all of your old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

That's some deep Alan Watts flux-theory shit right there.. I don't know! Never make new ones? God, that's bleak. Monday was going so well...