The Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury is one of its most beloved spaces, for the decompression opportunities it affords. Of course, it is also about spreading awareness of the Charity's causes. This year they're emphasising both the fun and serious sides of the Greenpeace Field by in their “From Bees to Trees, From Woods to Foods, From Global to Local” campaign raising awareness of climate change, and collaborating with Nottingham-based artist Wolfgang Buttress for a brand new multi-media installation called BEAM.

Buttress is best known for his Hive sculpture in Kew Gardens, a statement about the plight of the bees. Glastonbury, famed for its bee colonies, is the perfect place to continue to spread this message with BEAM. In fact, those very bees will be monitored for BEAM through accelerometers, and their live signals will be transmitted to BEAM and converted into light and sound, essentially expressing the mood and energy of the colony, live, as an inhabitable experience.

As if this weren't enough, these elements will be complemented by harmonious bee-sound stems, created by BE, members of Spiritualized (including Doggen Foster, Kev Bales, James Stelfox and Jason Pierce), Amiina (string section for Sigur Ros), Daniel Avery, Ólafur Arnalds, Kelly Lee Owens, Camille Christel and Matt Black (Coldcut/Ninja Tune).

Add to that all the regular features, from the Giant Rave tree and other art installations, and the Greenpeace Field starts to seem more like a must see than any of the headliners.