Greentea Peng is the moniker of South London musician and rapper Aria, who is fueled by love, music, weed and of course tea. Next week she'll be putting out the SENSI EP through TENNNN, her official debut release.

Although Greentea Peng spent her childhood years in Hastings, she moved back to London at the earliest opportunity and worked behind the bar in Dalston's Visions, where she was exposed to all sorts of inspirational music and people. These influences drip from her new single 'Used To', which is produced by Earbuds, who serve her gently swaggering vocal presence perfectly with gentle percussion and Eastern instrumentation. In 'Used To' she looks back at an ex-partner and seems to laugh off both him and her old feelings for him with a stylish smirk. Her naturally laid back vocals bely the weight of her lyricism, so Greentea Peng lulls you into a false comfort while she's surreptitiously delivering a devastating confession. Take a listen below.

Greentea Peng's SENSI EP will be out next Friday, October 12th.