With a charming, wistful folk sound and a strong lyrical presence, Greg Jacquin and his band can expect an awful lot of critical acclaim when their new album, Clocks Slow Down, comes out next month. But few songs on the record are likely to land as firmly as 'Barry,' a lamentation for the America of a few years ago, when the leadership was aimed more at inspiration than demagoguery.

“I’ll admit I never had much use for politics," say Jacquin. "I got all my news mostly from Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show.' Then a couple years ago everyone started paying attention, so I did too. A great president and leader stepped down and I watched as things changed. They changed so quickly. Then they put kids in cages at the border and when I heard a little girl crying, I wrote this song.”

You can stream Greg Jacquin's 'Barry' up above. His new album, Clocks Slow Down, comes out on Feb. 15, and he's got a couple of New York shows to celebrate the occasion. Look down below for a flyer and a couple of dates.

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