Toronto-based purveyors of dynamic and thought-provoking indie rock Greys have announced their third album: it's called Age Hasn't Spoiled You and comes out on May 10th through Carpark records. The first track to be shared from the set is 'These Things Happen', which has a quite profound idea at the core, as Shehzaad Jiwani explains:

"This song is about perspective and understanding during chaotic times... I wanted to superimpose the socially and spiritually conscious energy of the late 60s onto our current political climate and the pervasive numbness people can feel towards opposing viewpoints when they are exhausted by their news feeds. There's so much information that you stop hearing what people might be saying. I was watching and reading lots of material about the Black Panthers, the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War protests and how that dovetailed with the rise of psychedelic drugs at the time, and how these two things could lead towards some common ground between politically polarized entities by simply trying to hear both sides out. You can feel incensed to rebel against something while also yearning for a deeper understanding of your neighbours at the same time."

The weight of this idea might not come across on initial listens, as Greys have loaded 'These Things Happen' with so many musical delights that those are likely to attract your ear. Booming drums, a glorious churn of guitars and power-pop backing vocals are just three of the potent elements that Greys have loaded into the track, and the way they play out across the song's three and a half minutes ensures that you find yourself locked into the melody even while the guitars are fizzing and crackling with electricity all around. Repeat listens are a must, as 'These Things Happen' has plenty of sonic and philosophical depth.

Greys' new album Age Hasn't Spoiled You is out on May 10th via Carpark - pre-order here.