It is my humble opinion that every person occasionally needs a song that will just absolutely kick the shit out of them. Shredding chords, a searing melody and some vintage punk vocal hysterics really can work wonders on the human body and mind. Unfortunately, there seem to be too few bands willing to give such an aggressive formula a shot nowadays. But don't count Grim Streaker among the weak. This Brooklyn-based five-piece kicks more than its fair share of ass, and the proof is in the pudding. In this case, the pudding is 'Psycho,' a ferocious new single from their upcoming Girl Minority EP.

'Psycho' is the third single from Grim Streaker, following on the heels of the phenomenal 'Guts' and 'Miami Girl,' which I've obsessed over for weeks. 'Psycho' is no different. Guitarists Daniel Peskin and Micah Weisberg rip through rollicking, sharp guitar lines as bassist Bill Dvorak and drummer Piyal Basu offer one of the tightest punk rhythm sections I've heard in years. On top of it all is vocalist Amelia Bushell, whose voice drips with attitude and scorn, offering a punishing indictment of an imaginary asshole.

"The 'psycho' in this song is a fictional character in my head, but he could very well be real," says Bushell. "He’s this shitty guy who sleeps on my lawn and stalks me. I work hard everyday for one night off, and I know exactly what I want. You can hear the sound of my temper rising as the song churns forward. I’m throwing a tantrum because I know what I'm worth."

Check out 'Psycho' below, keep your eyes open for Girl Minority later this summer and take a look at Grim Streaker's tour dates further down the page.

  • 8 June - Matchless (Supercrush Studios/Greenpointers Showcase); Brooklyn, NY
  • 9 June - Cape House (Reheated Spaghetti Showcase); Brooklyn, NY
  • 10 June - Our Wicked Lady (PopGun Showcase); Brooklyn, NY
  • 10 June - Tender Trap (Cara Bella/Campers Rule Showcase); Brooklyn, NY
  • 11 August - Brooklyn Bazaar (w/ Hank & Cupcakes, Sharkmuffin); Brooklyn, NY