Grimes has shared an Asian tour-inspired video for a previously unreleased track called 'REALiTi'. In the description of the video on YouTube, she explains why the track was never released and why she's decided to upload it now:

Since this is no longer gonna be on the album, I'm releasing it as a special thank you to everyone in Singapore, KL, Manila, Jakarta, HK, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo who came out to the shows! It was an honor to play with a bunch of amazing bands and travel to places I would never otherwise be able to go

This song was never finished. its a demo from ~ the lost album ~, recorded early 2013. i lost the ableton file, so its not mixed or mastered. i tried to doctor the mp3 into a listenable state, but it was poorly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone, so its a bit of a mess haha.

I think she's going a little over the top talking about doctoring it into a "listenable state" because it was "poorly recorded" and is "a bit of a mess". Her vocals are whisps of cloud, the rich synths whirl around with contented warmth, a robust dreamscape that also stutters with the damaged angularity of electro. Nothing wrong with it at all: her statement feels like it seeks the cooing of 'no way does it sound bad you're the best!' Maybe – maybe subconsciously, maybe not – but still. She actually said pretty much the same thing upon finding a demo of her track 'Go' was leaked.

Watch below.