Grimes is a Canadian music icon, so it's only right she be treated as such. Now, Canadian classical group Plumes are reinterpreting her breakthrough album, Visions and delivering it during an upcoming concert series titled Many Visions: Plumes Deconstructs the Music of Grimes.

The ensemble are also touring the show through Canada as well as making plans to offer a livestream of a show. "It’s a very electronic, synthy and reverby track,” composer Monica Pearce said to NOW Magazine. "Since they don’t have a percussionist, I ended up using the harp as the beat-making part, so the harpist plays the body of the instrument to get the percussion aspect of it." Find all dates below.

  • Tour Dates:
  • Mar 10 – Montreal, Quebec @ Rocket Science Room
  • Mar 11 – Toronto, Ontario @ The Music Gallery
  • Mar 12 – Hamilton, Ontario @ The Casbah
  • Mar 13 – Windsor, Ontario @ University of Windsor
  • Mar 15 – Guelph, Ontario @ University of Guelph
  • Mar 16 – Kitchener, Ontario @ Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Mar 17 – Winnipeg, Manitoba @ Cluster Festival
  • Mar 18 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan @ Village Guitar & Amp Co
  • Mar 21 – Vancouver, British Columbia @ Music on Main

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