London-based artist Koichi Yamanoha aka Grimm Grimm – former member of psychedelic trio, Screaming Tea Party – has announced that he'll be releasing his debut album on ATP Recordings. Entitled Hazy Eyes Maybe it will be arriving on 29th June; for now, we have the title track to sink our teeth into.

It's awash with folksy-classical acoustic guitar, thinned vocals calling out with otherworldly spring reverb, arriving in the form of an abstract video to match the slightly unnerving waking somnolence of the song. The idea for it stems from a recurring dream experienced by Koichi himself:

"There was an abandoned industrial area in Budapest. When I was walking near a rundown water tower in the area, a girl was telling me about her dad in Mexico and I saw this woman was pushing a wheelchair near a hospital; it seemed as if she didn’t have a face, very white. I kept dreaming about this place for months and wrote this song."

The 7" single featuring 'Hazy Eyes Maybe' and 'Knowing' (feat. Bo Ningen) is out 4th May, with a launch event planned at ATP's pop-up venue on 24th April.