Continuing in the time honoured tradition of combining a capellas from famous rappers over either original or concept beats (I like to call these projects 'reverse mixtapes') - think The Grey Album, Nastradoomus, Vinyl Fantasy VII or Eminelton - Grip Grand, whom Allmusic describe as "a West Coast underground rapper/producer with a self-deprecating sense of humor" gives us a mash up of DOOM vocals over some smooth, originally produced Stones Throw-esq instrumentals on his new seven track EP GG Doom! But How?

Taking a capellas from 'Melody Remix' by the Blend Crafters, 'Change the Beat' from Dooms alter ego Viktor Vaughn, 'My Favourite Ladies' from his 2002 12' EP of the same name, 'Ghostwhirl' by Dj Crucial and 'It aint nuttin'' by the Herbaliser, Grip Grand's take on the living legend that is DOOM is a must for fans of Mr Dumile's earlier work, such as Operation Doomsday, the Special Herbs series, or for aficionados of the Stones Throw sound in particular.

Now DOOM, in all his guises, is defiantly in my top three favourite rappers of all time, mostly because of his ability to reinvent himself on a whim but also for his ability to ride basically any beat however abstract or out there it is. So when the opportunity to have a listen to and write a few thoughts on this new EP I was excited, especially with the direction that Hip-Hop and electronic music is general is headed at the moment due to the monumental influence that UK bass music and experimentation has had on global music culture. I was basically expecting to hear something more along these lines MF Doom & Megalon's 'I Sell Rhymes Like Dimes', a reworking of a classic cut from Operation Doomsday where Dumile has been recontextualised, slowed down and put on top of raw, dutty, dark type of tingy. Unfortunately, therefore my initial excitement was dampened a bit when I actually listened to GG Doom! But How?

Now there is nothing wrong, per se, with the project, the beats are tight, and the comic book type skits work really well. Grip Grand is obviously a fan of DOOM's work, production included, as the a cappellas sit well (a trait that surprisingly, many, many producers get wrong) he rides the board really well, in a similar way to the man himself or other contemporaries like Madlib, cutting the tracks at appropriate points as well as an innate ability to pick samples than generally work well with Doom's voice, but all in all, it just adds nothing new to the DOOM canon. It sounds almost like a collection of beats straight out of the Stones Throw et al collectives' vault that nearly made it onto an album but didn't quite cut the mustard. Which is a bit of a shame as the production is really good, it's dusty, humorous and soulful, it's just all a bit unoriginal in 2013.

That being said, for me this EP is solid and I will definitely play it again, stand out tracks being the grand, 'Bain de Soleil' with its wistful horns and heavily filtered bass working in almost perfect conjunction with the 'It aint nuttin' a capella, a tune that sounds almost nothing like the original, and the subsequent, 'Genie in a bottle' which jangles along a bit like a offcut from Madlib's 'Shades of Blue', albeit, more loopy and less freeform than the Loop Diggers work, with its jazzy piano licks and fusion funk electric bass chops complimenting the 'My favourite ladies' pella.