We've been regularly covering New Zealand live electronica trio Groeni since the start of 2015 when they released their Hewn EP through Project Mooncircle/HHV.DE. Given this ongoing engagement, we were especially happy to receive an email about their recent signing with Melbourne label Wondercore Island, home to Hiatus Kaiyote, Sampa The Great, Jaala, Oscar Key Sung among others.

On the first of May, Wondercore Island will release their Hinde EP in digital format, before following up with a limited edition vinyl release in June. Until then, you can check out the official videos for their singles 'Hedre' and 'Hinde' here and here respectively. As Wondercore Island put it, "Recorded and mixed at their respective home studios, Hinde sees Groeni hitting new peaks. Influenced by the abstract techno and beat¬pop of Blawan, Borrowed CS and I'lls, Groeni's latest iteration is warmer, grittier and more direct. It's 21st-century dance music that never disregards the power of classic songwriting."