Grooveshark shut down last week following a six-year-long legal battle which eventually found them guilty of infringing multiple copyright laws.

But already a clone of the site has surfaced (see screenshot above). Instead of regular ole' Grooveshark, it's According to a report on The Verge, a previous user of the streaming service going under the alias "Shark" (that's original) has revived the site; however, users no longer upload content – instead the site trawls online for music files hosted elsewhere.

After it was suspected that Grooveshark might be getting closed down, Shark began backing up files from the site, claiming to have secured 90% of it, leaving the team he's assembled to track down the remaining 10%.

"I was connected to Grooveshark a few years back and I have, together with the team I've gathered, the knowledge and the technological abilities to bring it back to life," said Shark. It's also reported that original features of the site, such as playlists and favourites, are also being restored. Seems like it really is a clone, so it might fare legally about as well as its predecessor.