Just a month after releasing 'Feel The Heat', Los Angeles producer Jasper Patterson (Groundislava) has introduced his newest take with frequent collaborative partner Rare Times, 'Girl Behind The Glass'.

While the former single came with his Feel The Heat EP, it's fairly clear that Groundislava's future endeavors will be paved with the same aesthetic intent. 'Girl Behind The Glass' is a plushy new wave stroke of '80s-addled futurism and slinky R&B from the WeDidIt collaborative sides. It might not be too much of a stretch to assume that we'll be hearing these two working again on the full release of Patterson's Frozen Throne LP.

Listen to 'Girl Behind The Glass' below, order Groundislava's previously released Feel The Heat EP, and look out of Frozen Throne September 22nd/23rd on Friends of Friends and WeDidIt.