There’s no clear end to the '80s resurgence of sorts that has been dipping on and off the radar in varied levels over the past decade. And it’s not just teenagers slurring out requests for ‘Blue Monday’ on a night out; it’s Geoff Barrow and Oneohtrix Point Never recapturing that foreboding Vangelis/John Carpenter hum, and the soundtracks for films such as Drive and Hobo with a Shotgun that yearn for snatched milk and striking miners.

Nor is there anything particularly groundbreaking about the format that’s adapted here, on Groundislava’s '80s-tinged EP, TV Dream. The two lead synths frolic around with one another, and the bass begins to croak when you’d expect it to on opening track ‘Weekend in the Tropics.' But it captures the formula and feelings so well that it’s impossible not to feel warmed and crave a glass of pineapple juice and something other than pissing rain outside. It’s also impossible not to note the thumping percussion, which really brings the opener to life.

The title track is the only one with any vocal additions, and it features an almost indecipherable Clive Tanaka caked in mystery and vocal effects. ‘Salt in Love’ almost sounds like an alternative mix of Daft Punk’s ‘Short Circuit,' and ‘Tower Jump Suicide’ seems to resemble an upbeat, 8-bit version of Kraftwerk’s ‘Hall of Mirrors’ with its cascading helter-skelter of blips and bops. The EP is rounded off with ‘Reflecting,' the least remarkable track on the release, which is still enjoyable and tinged with anticipation.

Whether or not it’s intentional, the EP borrows and handpicks snippets from everywhere. It’s hardly a patchwork quilt that sums up the best of electronic music, but the appropriate lengths of the tracks serve as a fine little taster for Groundislava’s upcoming album release.