Grouplove are finally starting to gather media hype, despite being robbed of a Sound of 2011 nomination. They recently released the incredible video for their single 'Colours', which has been floating around the internet as a free download for a while. The uplifting single is a sample of the theme of contentment that the EP presents; as long as we're alive, what do we have to lose? "We've still got our health," Christian Zucconi croons.

Grouplove's EP is an instant serotonin booster; it tricks the mind into thinking that it's a beautiful Summer's day when in fact, it's probably a drizzly January morning. It's so easy and pleasurable to listen to that I couldn't think of how anyone could dislike it.

Whilst songs such as 'Gold Coast' explore slightly darker matters; the general feel of the EP is uplifting. Grouplove provide an escape route from January/February depression with this EP, allowing listeners to enter a world of sun, sea and road trips. "Never trust a happy song" reads the banner that the band are holding up in their Myspace profile picture but I can't help but place trust in the idea that this EP can instantly remove Winter blues and replace them with Summer excitement.

Yes, some songs contain sinister twists but that doesn't make them any less uplifting, just even more brilliant. If this isn't one of the best EP's of the year, I'll be very surprised, as I can see myself listening to it for the rest of the year.