Starflyer 59, my favorite artist, is a band that I am sure most have never heard or even heard of. I wanted to correct that by creating a mix-tape of a few of Starflyer's songs. However, this mix is unique in that each song deals with a part of growing up, falling in love, falling out of love, and growing older as shown in both the lyrics and the song titles themselves (you could almost call this a coming of age story).This is an aspect of Starflyer's songs that I have always loved and is makes it easier to relate to the songs depending on what stage of life you're in. The genre Starflyer generally falls under is shoegazer/indie pop/indie rock and even some baroque pop on certain albums. Anyways, please enjoy these few songs of Starflyer 59 and if you do they have much more to offer from their 15 years of being a band. Also, Starflyer 59 will be releasing a new album in October titled "Dial M", the title may or may not be related to Hitchcock..... 1. Teens in Love 2. I Was 17 3. She Was My Sweetheart 4. Fell in Love at 22 5. Good Living 6. A Housewife Love Song 7. New Wife, New Life 8. First Heart Attack 9. Old Download entire mix-tape here Myspace Leave us a comment below! Then check us out at our Myspace/Facebook/Our Forums! Click here to subscribe to us!