The games industry loves dogs, so much so Microsoft made a console named after a dog snack. However GTA V isn't content just giving you a pet, so thankfully the monopolising Japanese game magazine, Famitsu, has reported that you can customise your very own dog in GTA V.

The dog you will be given will be called Chop, and you can give him different colour collars, accessories, and more. You'll have to keep your eye on Chop as you can 'lose' him - Whether that means he has the equivalent of doggy ADHD and will run off at a moments notice or he can be killed in combat has yet to be confirmed.

The GTA V article from Famitsu includes how each of the three main characters have a unique walk animation, there will be at least one underwater mission, and that there are 15 types of wild animal that can be found in the game.

As long as Chop doesn't constantly phone me up asking us to hang out, I'm cool with this.