Six years since the release of its last record, Guards is storming back to the fore with its new album Modern Hymns. To tease the upcoming release, the band has already put out the stellar 'Last Stand.' Now, Guards is sharing the new single 'Beacon,' a bleary-eyed ode to tenacious perseverance.

The drums impel the track forward while the synthesizers and bass throb, and the horns soar. But the star of 'Beacon' is the entrancing vocal melody of Richie Follin, who captures the entire spirit of the song in his intonation alone. "Real ones don't fade away," sings Follin. "No, they just burn a different way."

The uplifting, anthemic quality of Follin's voice makes nearly every Guards song an absolute treat and, so far, Modern Hymns is shaping up to be one of the most emotionally satisfying records of 2019. Certain musicians have tapped into some unspoken power to pluck listener's heartstrings and Follin seems to have this inimitable ability.

Much of the song's emotion is likely derived from the fact that Follin wrote it for his 3-year-old daughter. "The message is essentially to not listen to what 'they' tell you," says Follin. "You can write your own story. You can direct the movie that is your life. There is no way it is 'supposed to be.' Someone just told you that, because someone before them told them that, and they never questioned it. It’s not real. Create your own reality. Question everything. Mistakes are a positive occurrence if you let them guide you."

How did his daughter like the song? Well, she "dislikes most songs with reverb so she isn’t into it," Follin says with a laugh.

But the cinematic atmosphere of 'Beacon' is sure to be a winner for most listeners. This is the kind of song that begs for repeat listens and, while I certainly can't speak for everyone, I was eager to oblige.

Modern Hymns is set to drop on May 22 via Kobalt. You can check out 'Beacon' via YouTube up above, or through Soundcloud down below.