After bursting onto the scene with the critically acclaimed In Guards We Trust, Guards receded into the background. But after six years, a new album -- Modern Hymns -- is on the way and with it a bevy of great new tunes. Case in point: 'Last Stand,' an absolute stunner of a single that stands as one of 2019's best.

Against a background of vintage horror movies, including George Romero's 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead, 'Last Stand' jitters, grooves and bounces with the rhythmic vocals of Richie Follin. Strings swell in the background as the drums pound and a nice, juicy bass tone get the hips shaking. Dreamy and funky in equal measure, Guards have a real gem on their hands here.

Modern Hymns is due out on May 22 via Kobalt, but be sure to give 'Last Stand' a few listens up above and check out the album's previous single, 'Destroyer', down below.