Riding My Bike Down L Street, Sacremento In Sacramento, California I would wake up in my old house. It was full of friends and music. I would want to make coffee, but would always ride my bike instead to the coffee house down the street. I would like to see who was out and about, the familiar faces, and wake myself up with a blast of the cold morning air or the hot sun. Photobucket I was free on my bike in every way - I didn’t have to worry about the cost of gas or anything. It feels good knowing the maze of short cuts to places or just beating time faster than in a car. No hands of course! Awh, feels good when you have time to just breeze and ride around the town and make your rounds. I feel like a kid sometimes, I think because it’s a classic childhood memory - learning how to ride your bike. I remember building my first bike, my brown shitty bike, it was awesome to me. I learned how to on my own and it felt good to me. Thank you, Jules (Sea Of Bees)

Sea of Bees - "Wizbot" from Aaron Rosenbloom on Vimeo.

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